Taylor Williamson

What year did you start CrossFitting?

I started in 2012 for a couple months a year, then picked it up full-time in 2014.

Why did you get into fitness (and CrossFit)?

I initially used CrossFit to get in shape for college volleyball. I am short for my position so I had to be stronger/faster/more athletic to keep up. After a while, I realized I looked forward to getting in shape for volleyball more than volleyball itself.

Why did you become a trainer?

Movement patterns and sports psychology are fascinating to me. It’s also great to be a small part of the transformations you see in people beginning their journey with fitness.

What are your favorite CrossFit movements?

Deadlifts, ring muscle ups and GHD sit-ups.

What is your favorite cheat food?

Peanut butter. A lot of it.

What’s your favorite superhero and why?

Thor. No explanation needed.