Coach Update: Danny Amaya

We’d like to welcome Coach Danny to the team! He is undergoing our intense OC3 coaching indoctrination and will officially start in March. Our coaching program is not for the faint of heart but it’s nothing this Marine can’t handle!

Danny was born in Durango, Mexico and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. His first name is actually Francisco and, as Elf would say, “It’s so fun to say!” but he’s been known as Danny most of his life. In addition to Elf, Danny looks up to Wolverine and anyone who know how to cook a mean barbeque! He’s very new to Facebook so virtually meeting him might be awkward but knowing him in person is quite the opposite and we’re so glad to know him!!

Danny’s Coaching Philosophy

I believe in a mixed democratic-autocratic style of coaching where both the coach and athlete are engaged in contributing to the athlete’s success while developing meaning relationships based on trust and respect. I will do this by promoting the following core values:

Hard Work. I believe that goals are met through time and effort put in to attain them. As a coach, I will work with athletes to push them mentally and physically beyond obstacles they have created for themselves by working with and alongside them.

Goal Setting. In or out of the gym, it is important that we continuously raise the bar and strive to get to the next rung on the perpetual ladder to success, and I believe that our athletes are no different. They made the decision to join this gym because they want to improve their quality of life in many different aspects, and, like most of us have, need someone to push them along the way.

Inspiration. Mentoring and developing aspiring individuals is a “job” that never stops. It requires the coach to walk the walk and talk the talk in order to be effective. As a coach, I will strive to be the change that athletes are looking for. I will work one-on-one with athletes to push them, find out what motivates them and provide them with meaningful feedback to accelerate their momentum.

Read more about Danny and his qualifications over on our coaching page, just click on his photo!

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