Member Spotlight: Kevin McKee, U.S. National Sled Hockey Team

Coach Colin here. It’s been just a few months now of coaching my first ever Paralympian. Kevin came in on day one ready to get in better shape and push the envelope of his previously monotonous workout routine.


He came in wanting to learn EVERYTHING he could.



And he continues to prove his commitment every day. However, he couldn’t possibly understand what he has taught all of us. I have a feeling we’ll be learning from him for a long while. The kid has more drive and more heart than anyone I’ve ever met!


Shit, those aren’t even something he pretends to have. Kevin is the type of human we can all look up to and we are lucky to have him as a member of our #OC3family! Oh and, no surprise, that video we posted to Facebook was Kevin going 14 rounds in his first “Death by 10 Meters” WOD!

“I would like to thank Colin and the OC3 coaches for taking interest in working with me. They have made it so much fun to come to the gym every day and push myself. CrossFit training will definitely translate to making me a better hockey player and I look forward to the future with my team. Competing in Adaptive CrossFit is something else I’m looking forward to. Another goal of mine is to compete in WheelWOD this summer!”
– Kevin

This marks Kevin’s 9th season as a member of the U.S. National Sled Hockey Team, which has won its fifth-straight Para Hockey Cup title. He is a two-time Paralympic gold medalist and two-time world champion gold medalist. He is currently training for the winter Paralympics in 2022 in Beijing. More information can be found here.

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