Thanksgiving Day Dinner Tips

"Thanksgiving: Judgment Day" by Hilary Achauer, CrossFit Journal article

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Tips

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends. There have been a lot of nutrition questions with the holidays approaching, so I have listed some of the best tips to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying yourself today and the rest of this week!

1. Don’t show up hungry

Try to eat the same way you do any other day of the week. Start off with a healthy breakfast filled with good proteins, healthy fats and some carbs. This will prevent you from making impulse hunger decision when you show up to the big meal.

2. Fill up on the best options

Choosing the healthiest selections at the table can also save you on turkey day. Try to go with as much protein and vegetables as possible. These options will fill you up the most while also helping your performance and recovery at the gym.

3. Enjoy in moderation

Enjoy all the great food that comes along with Thanksgiving. Yes, including the desserts! Using small plates and sampling the unhealthy options in small portions will save you throughout the day.

4. Eat until satisfied

Being mindful while eating and listening to your body is extremely important. Try to engage in conversations with those around you and slow down while you eat. This will help your body digest properly and let you know when you have had enough.

5. Move!

After the big meal, instead of lying on the couch for the day, head outside for a nice walk or jog to get the body moving. Also, the gym will be open all week, so come on in and burns those calories off!

Our adjusted holiday hours are as follows (you can also Google search to see what our hours are for any given day, e.g. “CrossFit OC3 hours”):

6. Get right back on track 

One day of poor eating can quickly turn into a weekend, so enjoy Thursday but get right back at it on Friday. It’ll be like you never skipped a beat with your healthy eating and hitting it hard in the gym.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are extremely thankful to have you as part of our community!

Coach Nic

CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer
USAW Performance Coach
NASM-CPT Trainer
Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
CPR/First-Aid Certified
BA from Spring Arbor University

Photo: “Thanksgiving: Judgment Day” by Hilary Achauer, CrossFit Journal article [pdf]

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